Some treats for your digital marketing

Overview of underrated digital marketing channels for universities

What is a treat for you in education marketing? For me, it would be knowing, which marketing channels bring me good students for a reasonable price. If this is a treat for you too, let me share some underrated marketing sources, which I hope you will like:

Marketing channels I like (a.k.a. proven good ROI)

  • Findauniversity: Their deal is for up to 10 courses, you pay 100£ for a full year. While I prefer paying for results than paying for a listing, the results show that you should get a visitor from them below 2£. This is– depending on the keyword-geo-combination – cheaper than AdWords, and at the same time it has a higher conversion rate, because it is a portal, where the visitor must actively select a program.
  • It’s free. Well, okay the interface can be improved, and it takes time to fill in the information – but if you are offering a summer course and you list your course there, you surely will get good leads (provided that you have a good converting landing page).
  • There are always some new kids on the block and in this case, they have created a page with information about studying in Germany. While this is nothing new, they now start to offer a deal, where you can buy traffic again at the good price of 2€ per visitor from having seen your information before.

From the treats, which I like to the treats, I am curious about. So if you know more about them, please let me know.

Marketing channels I am curious about (a.k.a. unknown but likely good ROI)

  • ISAS: Even if I would write out the abbreviation, it does not help too much, but they can help you with two things: Get more leads AND convert them until the leads are enrolled students. ISAS has their own student lead generation platform (an information portal about studying, without giving information about concrete universities) and a dedicated team to call those leads and convert them to students for the universities they work with. Unfortunately, the knowledge they need to have about you, makes this service more meaningful if you are up for spending more than 5 digits – but then they can also call the leads for you, which you already generate (in almost all languages and very affordable).
  • EducateAbroad: By far one of the less advanced portals (not mobile ready etc.), but this reflects in their prices. From my 7 years of industry experience I expect a cost per visitor of 2€ as well and – in memory of the webpages of the MIT or the ETHZ from 2010 – if visitors find you in this jungle, they must be very interested. As I know some of the universities advertising there, I hope I can share a bit more on the ROI of this portal, but for now I am just curious about them.

I’ll keep you posted, if I see more interesting opportunities on the horizon and/or know more on the ROI of different channels/providers.

Disclaimer: Apart from studying-in-germany I am not affiliated to any party mentioned, but I am more than happy supporting you in selecting the best parties for your specific situation. The advice will come for free, and if you want me to help you with the implementation, this will have a price tag.

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