Sunday Rundown #10 – TikTok is testing links in bios

Yes, you guessed it right.. The day of the week has come for Sunday Rundown #10! TikTok begins testing links in bios Our headliner for Sunday Rundown #10 is TikTok testing out links in bios. With more than a billion users on its platform, TikTok is looking for ways for it and its users to […]

Sunday Rundown: WhatsApp Business product catalogs

Scroll, click and read.. We have gathered some pretty interesting links and updates for Sunday Rundown #9!   WhatsApp Business product catalogs Our headliner for Sunday Rundown #9 is about the new product catalogs from WhatsApp Business.   Facebook-owned WhatsApp is taking the next step towards monetization with a new option that will enable businesses to […]

Digital marketing tips to increase student enrollments

Digital marketing strategies can help you find the right audience, are measurable, and are cost-effective in contrast to traditional marketing. That is why today we will be giving you some digital marketing tips to help you increase student enrollments.   Improve your website experience Even though website design can be complex, it is important to […]

Sunday Rundown: #TeamTrees tree-planting campaign

We mark the end of this week with a viral initiative and some big news that will affect a lot of people. It is time for Sunday Rundown #8!   #TeamTrees – The biggest YouTuber collaboration in history Our headliner for Sunday Rundown #8 is the viral initiative #TeamTrees.   #TeamTrees is a project led […]

Sunday Rundown: LinkedIn rolled out Events tool

So it is the end of the week… The perfect time for a recap of everything that has been happening in the digital world the past week. Here is Sunday Rundown #7!   LinkedIn Events: A new tool for in-person professional gatherings The first news on Sunday Rundown #7 is our headliner. LinkedIn Events is […]

Setting conversion goals for your school

I am guessing that you have installed the required Google Analytics tracking code on your website. You might already be perusing the monthly totals for visits, session duration, and bounce rate. You basically have an idea which pages are most popular with your visitors. However, without the right conversion goals, you do not really know […]

Sunday Rundown: The Era of Big Podcasting

We are coming at you with Sunday Rundown #5, full of fresh new stories.   The Era of Big Podcasting The first news on our Sunday Rundown #5 is about podcasts. A lot has happened in the brief history of podcasting (so far). What started as a quiet digital backwater is now increasingly growing in […]

Sunday Rundown: Pinterest adds new shopping ads

Here we go again… Time for Sunday Rundown #4!   Pinterest adds new shopping ads Excitedly, the first news in our Sunday Rundown #4 is about Pinterest. Even though this is the first time we write about Pinterest, its efforts to get into the shopping habits of its users must be followed. In its latest […]