Your institution has seen way more students than students have seen schools or universities. Therefore you know much better, which student will fit to your programmes than the students knowing which programme to chose. To come to this point of helping the student make the right choice, a contact needs to be established – preferably with those, who at least have a likely fit. This is where good marketing can help. delivers exactly this: matching students for your programmes to get the conversation going. How do we do this? A thorough tracking along the whole recruitment funnel enables the insights, which students that your institution is talking to at this moment come from which initial marketing channel. The feedback on the quality of the student allows optimising the inflow of the students in your recruitment funnel, because we can then focus only on those channels, which brought promising students. makes your marketing channels measurable, to reduce the workload with unfit students and spend your marketing budget best.



Whether you are experienced or not, it is always good to keep up to date with the developments in how schools and universities recruit students. has contributed to workshops across the globe and can deliver a tailored workshop within a few weeks notice.

digital channels

digital marketing is an ever evolving field, where it is nice to have a partner specialised on it
There are more than 200 portals out there, where you can list your programmes of your institution to recruit more students. Furthermore there are similar amount of providers offering tailored email lists. Not to forget the countless social media channels and their speed with which they appear, die, re-appear or offer own new marketing options. […]

integrating WhatsApp

WhatsApp is still being read by our prospects - find out how to use it for your student recruitment
WhatsApp is still being read by our prospects – find out how to use it for your student recruitment.