Some treats for your digital marketing

Overview of underrated digital marketing channels for universities
What is a treat for you in education marketing? For me, it would be knowing, which marketing channels bring me good students for a reasonable price. If this is a treat for you too, let me share some underrated marketing sources, which I hope you will like: Marketing channels I like (a.k.a. proven good ROI) […]

WhatsApp for improved conversion rates

why and how you should use WhatsApp in your student recruitment
WhatsApp is a great tool. If you still haven’t used it, maybe you should finally upgrade your Nokia 3310 or get out of China. If everyone uses it, the question stays, how to get the most out of it for your student recruitment? Of course, I know schools and universities where the regional sales person […]

goal conversion vs. real conversion

When discussing with clients how they compare esp. online channels the advanced ones mention how much they have to pay per conversion. It becomes interesting then looking at what conversion they mean. Towards: Visitor/User, Lead, Applicant, Paid application fee, Accepted, Enrolled, Student, or Alumnus (the latter is mainly desired by public universities) The most common […]